A Piece of California History.

The Cojo and Jalama Ranches were once a part of the lands of the Chumash Indians of the Point Conception area. With the arrival of the Spanish, the mission system was established and eventually these ranches became Spanish land grants. Severe droughts along with the first taxes in Santa Barbara caused many land-grant Ranchos to be mortgaged beyond redemption and consequently passed out of the hands of the founding families.

Fred H. Bixby bought the Cojo Ranch in 1913 and started cattle ranching with registered polled Herefords. Mr. Bixby admired horses and extensively bred the Appaloosa and Shire breeds. The ranch was expanded with the purchase of the neighboring Jalama Ranch in 1939. Together, the contiguous ranches encompass approximately 25,000 acres and remain today as working cattle ranches.